Android and https

I recently had to deal with using https with Apache’s http libraries. Not a simple task. If you just create a Uri with https in front of it, and your SSL certificate isn’t from a trusted authority, or if you’re using a self-signed certificate, you’re in for a world of hurt.

There’s a lot of solutions out there, and most of them involve trusting everyone, which isn’t so secure. The best solution I found is here:

Crazy Bob: Trusting SSL Certificates

It’s reasonably secure, but in order to use it, you’ll need the 1.6 JDK. You don’t need the Android SDK to create the needed keystore.


That method works if you’re only going to one domain. All other domains stop working with that method. A better method can be found at this Stack Overflow question:

The code here appends your KeyStores to Android’s list, which is a much better solution. You’ll still need the method for generating a keystore in the first link.

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