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RemoteDroid has been open sourced

I’ve finally gotten around to open-sourcing RemoteDroid, and putting it up on Google code. You can get to it at:

You’ll also always be able to find the latest .apk and server files there.

Part of my reason for open-sourcing it is that I’m just one person, with just one phone. Like or not, Android has already fragmented, and will probably fragment even more in the future, so support for every Android device out there will become increasingly difficult. That’s where open-source comes in.

I’m looking for contributors to help debug on platforms other than the G1. There are several issues that I simply can’t fix because I have no way of replicating them. Additionally, other people might think of features that I haven’t or haven’t had time to implement. If nothing else, people might be curious about how RemoteDroid works, and open-source is a great way of dealing with these issues.

If you’d like to help, feel free to email me at, or use the feedback form.

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