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RemoteDroid gets multitouch gestures

Thanks to Nicolas Frenay, RemoteDroid now has some cool multitouch gestures. You can now use two fingers to scroll, just like a macbook, as well as clicking the onscreen mouse buttons, and dragging using the touchpad, just like you always wanted. He’s using reflection to find out if your phone supports multitouch, which means that 1.6 devices aren’t left totally out in the cold, and I don’t have to worry about maintaining two different branches.

One note for Nexus One users, the Nexus One apparently has some pretty serious multitouch problems, making click and drag a bit wonky. I’d advise sticking to tap-to-click and hold for dragging items around.

Another change is that I’ve removed the trackball as mouse functionality. Now clicking the trackball acts as a CTRL key, and moving the trackball acts as a scrollwhell, making it more like ConnectBot, and making the user experience a little bit more consistent.

Lastly, I’ve added better support for the soft keyboard. All keys, except for the ones that don’t have direct analogues on your regular keyboard now work. (long-press keys still aren’t supported) In the future, because of differing physical keyboard layouts between devices, I’m going to try to get RemoteDroid to recognize which device you’re using, and change what it sends depending on that, but for now, at least the soft keyboard should be pretty consistent.

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Adobe AIR 2.0 adds support for UDP

One of the things I’ve always wanted to see in Flash has been support for UDP sockets. As anyone whose tried to write a real-time networked game knows, TCP/IP is just too slow for the sorts of fast-twitch reactions used for first-person shooters, or anything real-time at all.

Apparently, Adobe AIR 2.0 has now added support for UDP, and this post by Jeff Winder shows how he’s added accelerometer support to RemoteDroid, and is using it to control an Adobe AIR application. Check out the video below:

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