Version 1.2 available now

Hi, Josh’s web site co-collaborator here to let you know about the latest version of RemoteDroid, released today. A number of new features were added, many in response to user feedback:

  • Tap to click
    The onscreen touchpad is now clickable: tap once for a single click, twice for a double click, and tap and hold to select text or click-and-drag.
  • Trackball scroll wheel
    Clicking on the scroll wheel toggles it from a mouse controller to a scroll wheel. Click again to toggle it back.
  • Customizable mouse sensitivity
    New user preferences menu lets you set the sensitivity of your mouse and tap speed.
  • Saved IP address
    You no longer have to enter your IP address every time you launch the application. RemoteDroid saves the IP address of your last network used — just tap on “Connect” to begin.

The Preferences menu, mentioned above, also lets you choose which new features you want to globally turn on or off, such as tap to click or using your trackball as a scroll wheel.

The new version of RemoteDroid has been tested with computers running Mac OS (Tiger, Leopard), Windows (XP, Vista) and Linux. However, there will inevitably be certain operating system and computer configuration combos that will, for one reason or another, work less than perfectly. If you’ve read the Support page and have ruled out all of the possible reasons for the app not working listed there, you can report an issue using the contact form.

As always, the phone app is available in the Android Marketplace. And make sure you also have the latest version (1.2) of the server app, available here.

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