Twitchy touchpad in Ubuntu on the x120e

So two-finger scrolling on the x120e has been acting unusably twitchy. Fixing this requires some command-line craziness.

1) xinput list
2) Find Synaptics Touchpad in the list of devices, and find the ID. (In this case, 12)
3) xinput set-prop –type=int 12 “Synaptics Finger” 44 49 255

This sets the Finger property. The first number, 44, is the pressure needed to register a touch up event. The second is a touch down event. The last is the pressure needed to count as a press. The defaults, 24 29 255 are way too light, and result in a lot of twitchyness when lifting a finger, so this takes the sensitivity down a notch.

NOTE: These changes won’t persist after you log out, so in order to make them stick, create or modify an .xsessionrc file in your home directory, and add the line from step 3.

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